A downloadable game for Windows


Defend pumpkin village against savage mushrooms at night! Explore a temple and solve puzzles at day!


If you find mouse/pad sensitivity too low/high, go into game settings, and adjust it as you like

Our plans

We will continue to work on the game! we will overhaul a lot of the systems in order to create a better gameplay experience.

Our current plans are:

  • AI Overhaul
  • Combat Overhaul
  • Add Caves
  • A bigger temple with more puzzles
  • A new temple for unlocking weapons
  • Balancing weapons
  • Balancing money and shops
  • Adding villagers

Install instructions

GROWN - defend pumpkin city


-Game design, Level Design, Art, The good VFX, AI programming: Bakataro https://bakataros.itch.io/

-Programming, UI, Dialogues, The bad VFX: Vitbull88 https://vitbull88.itch.io/

-Music: Kazic https://itch.io/profile/kazaco

-SFX: Dani Stob https://danistob.itch.io/

Thank you for playing!


Grown 161 MB

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